From the recording Adrenaline Junky

Adrenaline Junky is the first album by Jay Ottaway and The Lost Boys a German-American band which was formed in 2019. The band is led by Jay Ottaway, a Boston-based singer-songwriter and guitarist who has toured and released 10 albums in Europe over the last two decades. The quartet features guitarist Guido Lehmann, who has played throughout Europe with the bands Hillbilly Deluxe and The Swamptones. The rhythm section consists of drummer Wolfgang Stölzle, who is well known for his work with The Mavericks and the Ramones cover band De Ramönsche as well as Henrik Herzmann, who made his name playing bass in bands such as HB & the Random Players and the Peter Lorenz Band. The title track “Adrenaline Junky” is a power blues that came from back stage discussions about the post-tour crash of adrenaline experienced by musicians when the sugar rush of playing live music is replaced with real-life drudgery.


Adrenaline junky, slow way down
Smell the flowers, breathe deep in
Find oasis in your hometown
Family's patience wearing thin
Adrenaline junky, hear the sounds
Your kids racing through their teens
Laughing, crying, lost and found
Homelife bungy trampoline

Adrenaline junky, you restless mess
Stressed out fidget, pace the floors
Quite nights, not the best
Someone hates to be ignored
Always needs to be adored
Craves the thrill of popping

Corks, confetti
Raining down
Loud raw music
Chanting crowds
Wild dancing
White faced clowns
Wide awake at 3 a.m.

Adrenaline junky, it's all through
Party's over, your last tour
Clean up's started, bills are due
Face the problems long ignored
Find the keys to your front door
Hear the ring of your last chord